Merry Christmas, Everyone!

This post is in no way sponsored. I just am writing about Christmas and certain products that our family / kids received that are ones I recommend.

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas together. Our day started around 7:05am when our kids woke us up to go see what Santa brought for them!

My husband and I had a big night and stayed up until 1:30am getting everything ready for their big morning. The bigger family item that we got was a Playstation 3 game system with a few games for our kids to go with it, such as Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack and Minecraft. We got the Playstation 3 and Minecraft game from Best Buy. 

Our older two were / are so excited that they got an electric scooter and have had a lot of fun with them today. Our 8 year old got the green Razor E150 electric scooter and our 7 year old got the pink Razor E100 electric scooter. These were of course bought, but I truly highly recommend them for ages 6 and up for a gift or just anytime really. They are much better to use on a paved road, sidewalk, or driveway, grass, or walk way at a park vs gravel. 

They're awesome, but are really heavy. They go up to 10 mph and must be charged for about 12 hours initially before they can be used. They have a 40 minute power life before it will need to be charged (for about 2 hours) again. We took our kids to the park, so that they had a flat surface to ride theirs on, and they had fun. We got these two on a good sale, so instead of $114 per scooter, we got one for $99 and the other for $107, so I was excited about that.

The pink one below is the E100 electric scooter made by Razor.

The green one below is the E150 electric scooter made by Razor.

Our youngest got a Fisher Price musical car and LOVES it. Now that he is sitting up better, he can enjoy it without really sliding to lay down; he's getting better at balancing himself to sit up. This toy can be found at Walmart for a little less than $40, and is well worth every penny. Babies from 6 months to about 36 months can enjoy this toy! It needs 3 AA batteries to operate the music part of it. 

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