It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

I love putting up our Christmas tree, and usually it's our white fake Christmas tree but this year we decided to go with a real one. Look at how tall this tree is vs my husband! He's 6'4" in height, so you know the tree is 7 - 8 feet tall!

So, after church on Sunday we went to go get one. The one my husband finally decided upon is about 7 - 8 feet tall, and was only $40! It smells great too, and that's my favorite part about having a real Christmas tree vs a fake one. Of course, I will be watering the tree twice a day or so until right after Christmas.

I had seen a green 6 foot tree that had no lights on it for only $20 at Walmart, but decided that we wanted to get a real tree instead so I didn't get it this year. Depending on if we continue to have a real tree every year, I might end up buying it because it's a great deal.

Our kids will be shocked when they realize the entire under and around the tree will be completely full with presents, both big and small. What an exciting time! We have a lot of wrapping to do once my husband has a little time off from work until it snows, while our kids are in school.


  1. So exciting indeed! I would love to have a real tree for Christmas but it's not possible where we are. I'm glad you got yours for a pretty good deal though!

  2. Happy for you. The tree sounds amazing. I haven't had a real tree since I was a little girl. I'd love one but not where I am living currently. We'll be buying a tree this weekend, hopefully we find that 6foot tree you mentioned. I bet the looks on your kids' faces will make it all worth it when they see all their presents.

  3. We are going to cut ours down on Sunday. That's late for us, but we were busy last weekend.

  4. Wow never seen a tree that tall before. I have never had a real tree just can't get into the scent. But I do love xmas and putting a tree starts the holiday seasons for me.

  5. I don't get real trees anymore, but what I love about them is that fresh pine smell. I do miss that a heck of a lot.