5 Great Gift Ideas That Will Make Your Husband Happy This Christmas

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Getting your husband a great gift this Christmas is a top priority now we’ve entered the month of December! Are you a last minute festive shopper? Then fear not. Here are five excellent ideas for your man’s big prezzie that’ll keep him happy on Christmas Day!

Great gift ideas

1. Apple iPad Air 2
Men love gadgets. That’s a fact! So your hubby is bound to love it if you pick him up the best tablet on the market right now. The Air 2 is already nearly a year old. But, it has got an amazing selection of apps, a crisp 9.7” display and the ideal form factor to make it the perfect choice for every man. Blogs like discountrue.com share a load of coupons for stores like Overstock. This could save you money on your husband’s gift this year!
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2. BOSS THE SCENT, Hugo Boss Aftershave
This one is a present for both of you. Smelling great is essential to every man’s happiness - believe it or not! So, why not treat him to some nice aftershave? Not only is Hugo Boss a great label, but this is a fairly inexpensive bottle compared to most on the market. It may well make a great gift if you’re on a limited budget. Men love it - trust me!
3. Loafers
These smart-casual shoes are definitely ‘in’ for men right now. So, be on the look-out for a pair the next time you’re out shoe-shopping this winter! Your husband will love a pair - I recommend the tanned color, they’re both very tasteful and flexible. Loafers are the perfect versatile shoe and can be dressed up best with a blazer or worn simply with a plain top and checked shirt. They’ll even look presentable to his in-laws when you head over on Boxing Day. A must buy to keep him happy this Christmas!

4. Sports Jersey
If your hubby is big on sports, then it’d be silly not to get him his favorite team’s jersey! You may think these are just very pricey oversized t-shirts, but they’ll go down a treat with your man. Not only will this show that you’ve been paying attention to his interests, but it also might encourage him to get outside, hit the gym or be active! Grown men love wearing their jerseys - it’s a sign of pride! Take note!

5. Guitar Hero
If your man isn’t much of a sportsman and more of a gamer, then the new Guitar Hero for Xbox One and PS4 is sure to keep him occupied. Guitar Hero is one of the most beloved gaming franchises of all time. So, this one’s a safe bet to keeping your husband happy with a great gift this Christmas! You might want to pick up some earplugs with this purchase, though!

Ultimately any one of these neat presents is sure to keep your man cheery on Christmas Day. He’s bound to appreciate all the effort you put into thinking up all of these great gift ideas! Good luck.


  1. Hmmm thought I would give this one a go.. great ideas, but not necessarily any my honey would have to have... maybe a new scope for a gun or something. lol

  2. Those are great ideas. I am thankful that I am nearing closer to being done with my shopping.