What to Pack in your Hospital Bag when You're Having a Baby

Our youngest is 6 months old now, but I am catching up with doing parenting post topics again, and this was one that was requested so here you go!

I'm not very organized like at all, so I wasn't with it when I needed "a bag" to take to the hospital with our third delivery. But, here are some things that you should pack vs what the hospital provides for you.

What to pack in your hospital bag:
- Socks during labor
- T-shirt
- Loose pants or comfy jeans
- Phone and charger
- Laptop and charger
- Carseat and base in place in your vehicle rear facing of course
- Money in case you want vending machine snacks vs meals they provide

What the hospital provides to you:
- Post-partum pads to last until you get home
- Nursing pads to last until you get home
- Underwear that is fine to ruin and toss out
- Diapers and wipes while you're in the hospital and to last until you get home
- If you had a son and he was circumcised, then they will provide petroleum jelly to help care for him
- One blanket that you can take home with you
- Hospital socks

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