After-School Activites: Cub Scouts & Daisy Scouts

Our kids aren't involved in any sports until they're older, but they do have a lot of fun being involved with Cub Scouts (son) and Daisy Scouts (daughter).

Scouts is a great way to get kids involved within the community, starting from kindergarten for daisy scouts and first grade for cub scouts. My husband is the main leader for our son's den and loves it. It's usually for an hour 1/2 or so every other week. Our daughter goes to daisy scout meetings every other week for an hour.

The awesome thing about being part of girl scouts is that the kids get to learn things about making flower arrangements and more! And, both boy and girl scouts get to participate in the Santa Parade every year, which is later this month. They get to help leaders create and decorate their floats! They had a blast last year, and after the parade is over we head into the local community building and can get: hot cocoa, hot dogs, cookies, and get a picture or two with Santa and Mrs Clause. 


  1. I think we may get my son involved in Cub Scouts. He's been wanting to do something.

  2. My husband grew up with his dad as his scout leader, too - which he still has very fond memories of. They still talk about some of their adventures together - my husband will never forget!

  3. I was in Girl Scouts in 1st grade and loved it! A flyer came home the other day about Cub Scouts for my 1st grade son so we're going to check it out!