How to Prepare your child for School

Are you wondering how you can prepare your child for school? Well, this post is about how I got our older two children prepared to go to kindergarten, when they were younger.

I've been a stay at home for the majority of my time as a mother. I decided to start teaching our kids at 18 months old. If you're a stay at home mom, then rather than sending your child to preschool try teaching him or her at home and see how quick your child picks up on learning. Our daughter went to a pre-k class short term for about two months at a daycare I worked at before she started kindergarten, but she was bored because she was ahead of the other kids and knew the majority of what they were learning.

For us, we have always been active in church so they've been around kids since 2 years old and I find no need for preschool, when I can teach them myself and be their teacher until they started school, and I intend on doing the same with our youngest child when he's old enough to understand / learn too. 

These are what all I taught our kids between 18 months and 5 years old:
- Colors
- Numbers 1 - 20
- Adding up to 10
- Shapes
- Colors of the rainbow
- ABCs
- Writing numbers and letters
- Writing their first name
- Reading to them and getting them to repeat what I said after each word
- Learning the names of animals 

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  1. There are lots of fun games and activities in which these skills can be practiced and learned. Kids love to learn!