Best Toys for Babies

I got the information in this post from What to Expect. They are not my ideas. My ideas are at the bottom of the post.

Are you wondering what some good toys for babies might be? Well, I will cover several options in this post.

So, what are the best toys for babies?

1. Rattles - Babies love to hear sounds, and what better toy to introduce to them than a rattle. Our son is 4 months old and loves rattles. I got him one off of Amazon that our older two children had as babies. He's awake for a lot longer now and is able to play more, and loves to laugh.

2. Stuffed animals - Most kids enjoy soft stuffed animals, right? I have a few soft small stuffed animals for him. He mainly enjoys his soft blue elephant that hums the music of some lullabies, at night. He likes to sleep with it.

3. Mobiles - Our older two kids had a mobile on their crib as babies. Our youngest doesn't sleep in his crib yet, as he's just now outgrowing his bassinet. We will have a mobile on his crib soon though. Music always seems to soothe babies. 

4. Cradle gyms, Activity mats, and centers - Babies love things that keep them occupied, especially with music. I received a excersaucer from our neighbor friend, and he loves it. He's a little too small to fit right in it, so if I put him in it for a little bit to play I have to put a blanket around him. 

5. Soft blocks - We haven't bought him any soft blocks yet, but I'm sure it will be part of his Christmas. Our older two had soft blocks around 8 months old and loved them!

6. Balls - Babies can enjoy round objects as long as they aren't too small for them. They can have fun with soft / fabric balls.

7. Stacking Rings and Nesting Cups - Babies like to stack things as they get older and learn to better their concentration. These are better for babies that can sit up on their own.

8. Books - We have many books around the house, mostly for our school age kids but we have several baby books as well. We bought some soft / fabric books and some touch and feel books of animals. While he might not yet understand what I read to him, he enjoys soft and fuzzy things and me holding him and reading.

9. Mirrors - Mirrors are fun for many kids. I tend to hold him and walk up to our body size mirror, and he smiles at himself because he sees a baby and me in the mirror. 

10. Bath Toys - He's still in a baby bath tub until he is able to sit up on his own, but he likes to splash the water, and sometimes he will hold a rubber duck.

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