How to Save Money on Formula

I was asked by a reader to write on the topic of how to save money on formula. 

My youngest is breastfed, so we don't have to worry about formula or bottles, although I give him one bottle at 11pm of my milk. Our first two were formula fed.

But, keep reading to see some advice on saving money on formula.

There's really two big ways you could save money on infant formula, and they are by going on the WIC Program which is a government funded program for pregnant and nursing mothers, infants, and kids up to age 5. Most families will qualify unless they are high income. When our older kids were babies, they were formula fed and we didn't ever hardly spend extra on formula for them unless needed; 98% of it was provided through WIC checks for formula, which made it free. 

We used the concentrated kind for our kids, which made it easier really. We used Similac with our oldest son and Nestle Good Start with our daughter. WIC covered both formulas for them. 

Another way to save money on formula for babies is to sign up on formula websites for coupons to get mailed or emailed to you to print off. I know that Similac sends out coupons for moms that formula feed if you sign up for them, and Gerber I think does too. Look up coupons for formula, and I'm sure that you'll find more than two brands that have them.


  1. My best friend would get free samples all the time from her pediatrician. I think it falls into the category of "it doesn't hurt to ask."

  2. WIC is great! They help so many mothers out!