How to Deal with Stress with a Newborn

I was asked by a reader to do a blog post about how to deal with stress with a newborn. Well, with my third as he's my youngest I have not had much stress honestly. It's a big change compared to what I did deal with when our 1st and 2nd were babies. 

He's such a great baby and never cries really, unless he's hungry. I hold him a lot and cuddle, so life really couldn't get much better when it comes to having a new baby in the house. He is around a lot of people every week, between my in laws, the 5 of us, and church friends. We have two older kids (almost 7 and almost 8), so there was no way to really just "relax" and be lazy for 3 - 6 weeks after I had him, even though I am not like that where I can be cooped up in the house 24/7. Not happening, unless of course he was premature or had breathing issues in which he had neither. We were out and about from 3 days old on, and still are. 

I'm not sure if it's a whole lot less stressful, due to the fact that our second child is 6 years older than he is or that I've learned a lot about patience and just handle it a whole lot better now than I did before, without wanting/needing a break. Our kids are school age, so when they're in school THAT is my version of a break, and from our youngest I don't want/need a break. If I want a date night with my husband, baby is going with us mainly because he is breastfed every 2 - 3 hours.

To lessen the stress you may have after having a newborn, I'd suggest to go for a run with stroller to relieve stress. Or, have someone help you out with baby as needed. I never really wanted help with our babies, aside from my husband of course. He helped a lot with our first two with night feedings as they were formula fed. He likes to help with our son's 11pm bottle of pumped milk sometimes, so that is a big help too.


  1. This is solid advice to give a mother with a newborn. I found that taking a walk with my best friend with the baby in the stroller helped out a lot. Also taking a nice hot bubble bath during your baby's nap helps a good bit too.

  2. It can seem overwhelming, for sure. It's good you have people that are there to help if you need or want their help.