Breastfeeding Tip: Knowing if You have a Low Milk Supply or Not

I found a useful article with information about things that do not automatically mean you have a low milk supply.

There are some wrong assumptions about what can or can't cause low milk supply or if you have a low milk supply on what causes it.

If your baby is gaining weight and having an adequate amount of wet diapers, then you DON'T have a low milk supply. 

The following reasons do NOT indicate a low milk supply:
- When your baby nurses frequently
- If baby increases how often he or she nurses during the day or evening: Cluster feeding
- Baby nurses more often and is fussy in the evenings
- Baby wakes up frequently at night
- Your baby doesn't nurse as long as he/she did previously
- Baby gulps down a bottle of pumped milk or formula after a nursing session
- Your breasts suddenly seem softer
- Your breasts don't leak anymore
- You stop feeling or never felt a let down sensation
- You get very little to no milk while pumping

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