When Your Baby Cries: How To Comfort Tiny Tears

Yes, I know all babies cry and as a mother of two boys and one girl, I know how much that can be sometimes more than others, but I also know babies love to be cuddled. We're fortunate and our son doesn't hardly cry at all, unless of course he's hungry or needs changed.
How to Comfort Tiny Tears:
- Cuddle with your baby on your chest or by your side to help him or her know that you're close
- Soften the lights, keep it quiet, and handle baby gently
- Rock your baby if you have a rocking chair
- Sing to your baby. I know our son LOVES it when I sing to him!
- Make baby comfortable
- Take care of yourself

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  1. There are few things worse than when baby cries and they can't tell you what's wrong. It was always so heartbreaking for me when my boys were little.