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Their website is Compare.com. Compare.com is an auto insurance comparison website (much like Kayak for travel, but insurance). The site is growing rapidly, as they are now working with over 50 insurance carriers. What makes their website unique is that their quotes are real, and not estimates. Most consumers don’t know that when they’re using quote generators online, they are just getting basic estimates. 

However, on their site, since they work directly with the carriers and pull legitimate quotes in real time, people can actually buy a policy they find through their site.

As insurance is regulated on the state level, not every carrier they work with covers every state, so some states have bigger panels than others. For example, their primary states for advertising is California, Texas and Virginia since they have the most coverage in those states. However, quote comparisons are available in the continental 48 states.

I highly recommend this company for you to use to check auto insurances to compare them on prices and such to see what will work best for you. What a time saver for you and can save you more money in the long run as well, just by being able to compare insurances online! I have not ever needed to check insurances as they always go in just my husband's name, but I am gonna recommend it to him and my family for sure!

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