Vacation 2015: Strasburg Railroad - Thomas the Train Tour

*Disclaimer - This post is in no way sponsored. I chose to write a blog post about our experience at Strasburg Railroad for Thomas the Train Tour.

Do your kids like to watch the TV show, Thomas & Friends? Then, surprise them for a train ride ON Thomas and/or Percy! 

We went to the Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster, PA for Thomas the Train Tour, for our three kids to enjoy even though our youngest is too small to know what is going on. Our 6 and 7 year olds sure enjoyed it! We had fun exploring the stores before and after the train rides, as well as enjoying a nice quick meal with ice cream. They had a huge tent open for Thomas the Train and Percy products, and it was PACKED full of people everywhere, but we managed to be able to find a couple things in there for our daughter, and in the train toy store we got a car and truck for our son. 

You're better off to buy your tickets online so that you don't have to wait in a long line along with hundreds of other people for Thomas tickets. Here are some activities that they have to do along with the train ride that IS included in your ticket price. 

Our kids absolutely LOVED going to Thomas the Train at Strasburg Railroad, on our vacation. We got a deal for riding both Thomas and Percy trains, so it was a total of $104, instead of $84 per train ride for 4 people, since our youngest is under 2 years old he was free. We had a lot of fun together as a family, and they were surprised with why we were going on a train ride til we got there and they saw it was Thomas and Percy. At the end of the train ride for both Thomas and Percy they allow you to get your family's or children photo taken in front of the trains. We ordered one picture from Thomas the Train, and one while we were on the train that they took of all five of us together riding the train. It was a lot of fun.

I had shown them a picture of the two trains prior to leaving for our trip, but they didn't know we were going to it for a ride. It took us on a 20 minute ride each way, so a total of 40 minutes. It took us to see some really neat Amish land and country where the Amish families grow their crops and harvest them. 

There are quite a few Amish families in the area there, so there are a lot of horse and buggies riding all around town and even at the local Walmart. I love that part about the Amish people, that they mostly all ride around by horse and buggy. It's neat to see while driving by.


  1. How fun! My boys would get a kick out of something like this. It sounds like a great experience.

  2. My nephews are huge train lover, and Thomas is always a favorite! I would love to take my kids and their cousins to see the tour.

  3. My boys have always wanted to do the Thomas event! I've always worried about the big crowds of crazy screaming kids - so I have yet to agree to it. Sounds like fun though!