Summer Event 2015: Jackpot Candles - Banana Nut Bread & Blueberry Muffin Jewelry Candles

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Jackpot Candles in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Want a piece of nice jewelry in a delicious scented candle? Then, keep reading!

I received two great scented jewelry candles from the company known as Jackpot Candles and the scents I chose were banana nut bread and blueberry muffin, and let me tell you they smell amazing! These two are excellent choices for a very pleasant scent in your home. The prices of these candles are $24.95 and are well worth every penny. 

I have only owned two candles before these that had jewelry inside of them, and these are the best yet. I absolutely love the blueberry muffin scented one best! It smells SO much like a real blueberry muffin and to have its aroma all around the house is great. I highly recommend both the blueberry muffin and banana nut bread scented candles if you're looking for a high quality product for your home.

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