A Walk Through My Day with an Infant and 2 Older Kids

I was asked to do a post regarding a walk through my days with an infant while having 2 older children.

Our day:
My day usually starts around 6:30am or so as that is when I'd get our kids up to get ready for school, but now that school is out since the end of May, that's changing for them when they wake up, but I end up automatically waking up by then because I am so use to it, weekend or not. 

I wake up and feed our son and change him and his outfit around 4am and we sleep til 6 - 6:30am. He nurses about every hour 1/2 - 2 hours or so, until about 2 or 3pm, then it's 2 - 3 hours give or take. I get our older two breakfast and because my husband is self-employed now, he usually goes outside to work in the shed, and they play outside where he is at to enjoy the outdoors. 

During the summer though, they go to the park 2 minutes away to spend time with a good few of their friends from school for an organized program that the county puts on for elementary kids with some adults who are the leaders for it. They love it and have a blast, and do field trips as well. I will of course walk them down the street to that, and enjoy a walk with our son in the stroller. 

I get our kids lunch during the week for them to take to the park, and feed our son. I usually cuddle with him after I am done feeding him, and sometimes take a nap with him while our older two are spending time with Daddy on weekends. With as often as he eats during the day, I end up staying in the house with him unless we're going somewhere.

Once they are back from the park, they like to play outside until dark sometimes, or just stay in the house and spend time with their little brother and watch a movie with us. After 10 or 11pm, I feed our son a 3 - 4 oz bottle and he hangs out with us on the bed til he falls asleep. He sleeps 4 hours at night and has since 2 weeks old. He is an excellent baby and rarely cries either unless he's hungry really, but normally he shows us cues so I feed him before he cries. 

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