What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Labor

Moms are different, so depending on what type of birth you plan on doing (c-section or natural) you may want to bring more with you.

Here's a hospital list of things I plan on packing to go to the hospital:

- Baby's going home outfit
- Infant car seat properly installed in your vehicle for going home in
- Comfortable but loose clothing for mom. You don't want to be wearing anything tight.
- Birthing plan if you have one you'd like to try to go by
- Camera with charger
- Phone with charger
- Laptop with charger
- Gown unless you plan on using the one that the hospital provides you with upon admission
- Snacks and juice or ginger ale
- Socks

I have already given my midwife the birth plan I would like to go by, except that the hospital does not allow water births, so that part of it is out of the question. I gave her a copy of my plan around 21 weeks or so, and she said that we will do our best to abide by it as we can. 

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