Baby Event 2015: Phoebe's Baby Cakes - Winnie the Pooh Diaper Cake

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy shop Phoebe's Baby Cakes in order to facilitate this review for my readers. 

Do you have a baby shower to attend or just want an adorable diaper cake for your own baby? Then, take a look at this shop's diaper cakes and choose one!

I have found some cute diaper cakes lately, but fell in love with this adorable Winnie the Pooh diaper cake that the talented Etsy owner of Phoebe's Baby Cakes made for my Baby Event 2015! Isn't it just too cute? Growing up, I always loved the Winnie the Pooh series but my kids have not been too into him as much as I had thought when they were younger of course. Well, I am hoping that our son will love him as much as I did as a kid and enjoy him! If you like how this diaper cake looks, then click HERE to place your order for one! This one is only $29 to buy on her shop. She has quite a few diaper cakes that she has made to see. 

You maybe asking yourself, what's in the diaper cake? Let me tell you!
- 25 Size 1 Diapers
- 1 Winnie the Pooh plush animal
- 1 Winnie the Pooh pacifier clip
- 1 Receiving blanket 
- 1 Pair of Pooh socks
- 1 Pooh bib
- 1 Teether
- 1 Winnie the Pooh burp cloth

Below, you can find the diaper cake (minus the diapers as I pictured them above) that I received with everything all in one spot for you to see as a whole. I just love the teether, and know it will be a good one as it's easy for babies to hold onto. The colors of these products are nice and bright, but not too bright. The blanket is pretty soft to the touch. You can tell that this cake was very well put together. Feel free to like her on Facebook! She also has an Instagram! 

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