Baby Event 2015: Rachel's Baby Creations - Monkey Diaper Cake Green and Orange

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy shop Rachel's Baby Creations in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Do you have a baby shower to attend or would like a diaper cake or another creation for your own baby? Well, Rachel's Baby Creations can make that possible!

There are so many amazing things that are available for a baby to get on Rachel's shop HERE! I am very blessed that I was able to get this absolutely adorable monkey diaper cake green and orange for my soon to be son, from her shop to review on my Baby Event 2015! I love everything about the diaper cake and it's very well put together as you can see, with time as well as care. It has some papers shreds around the cake which is protecting it, and is sitting on a round cardboard. It has a few ribbons around it for decoration, which make it look very nice. On the top of the diaper cake is the cute little monkey that is a very soft plush animal for our son to be able to enjoy once he's born and shortly there after. Below you'll find a list of products that was put into this diaper cake. This diaper cake retails for $59 on her shop and is well worth it. You can buy this same one HERE!

The diapers that she used to make the diaper cake are 44 size 1 Huggies, which is perfect! We will definitely be using size 1 for awhile with him and Huggies is actually our brand of choice to use when it comes to diapers for our kids. Below, you'll see the diaper cake as I took it from the wrapping it was shipped in to get a much clearer picture and detail for this review. I love monkeys when it comes to baby products, whether it's a diaper cake, toys, clothes. Isn't this cake just too cute to pass up? The products are held together very well with a clear fish net like cord, which is easy to clip and remove. 

I took apart the diaper cake, so that I could get a separate picture of the receiving blankets that were in the cake going around it, as there are 3 of them. They're very soft might I add. I also decided to put all of the diapers in a clear container, so that we can label and keep track of each size we have so we have it as soon as they are needed for our baby boy. These blankets are folded a little bit, so that I could fit in all 3 for one picture, but they're a little bigger than pictured of course. These will be good for late spring / early summer time breezes, for when we go places such as the park or even for a walk in the stroller or something.

Lastly, I have a separate picture of the little adorable monkey that came on top of the diaper cake that she made for him to enjoy and use. He's very soft to the touch and is perfect for little hands to hold close, while napping or playing. Please be sure to stop by Rachel's Facebook to see what all is going on with her new creations for her Etsy shop

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