Christmas Guide: I See Me- My Farm Friends Book

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from I See Me in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Want a cute personalized book for your child to read with his or her pictures inside it?

The pictured book above is not my child's photo, as I am trying to maintain privacy on my blog when it comes to our children. We received this book for our son to review, and he is 7 and loves it. Of course, he can read the book and sound it out on his own but still loves to read it. This is a hard back cover book and you provide all of your child's information / pictures to go into this book, before you checkout to buy it. 

The price of this cute book for your child or a child you know is only $29.99, and has nice details in it as far as pictures and personalizing it for him or her to have as their own. The name of this book is called My Farm Friends on their website. I love to get personalized books for my kids for review. It's a lot of fun to make for them and to review for the company as well. I See Me is a great company full of some pretty awesome kids books to look through. 

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