Christmas Guide: Activision - Skylanders Action Figurines

*Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Activision in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Moms of boys! I know my son LOVES Skylander toys and will love these action figurines too.

My son will be 7 on Sunday and he loves Skylanders characters, so I know he will enjoy playing with these. He has such a fun time playing with figures and figurines. He has been asking for Skylanders toys, so I am excited to be able to give it to him! Activision has a nice variety of Skylanders toys, games, and other games as well for video game systems. While we don't own a PS 4 so are unable to have the video games, we do enjoy action figurines for our kids, so that is definitely what these are for. These are fun and also nice sized toy figurines for kids ages 6 and up to play with. I never knew much about Skylanders to be honest until my son came home from school in September asking about being one of the characters for Halloween, so then I looked it up and found out all about them! They seem pretty awesome really.

Do your kids like to play Skylanders, dress up, or just play with the figurines?

The ones that I received for this review are below:

- Gusto

- Jawbreaker 

- Wildfire

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