Random Wednesday: What our kids enjoy doing on Wednesday evenings

As you might have gathered by some of the posts that I do or reviewing I may do with two companies, our family is Christian and we attend church. I don't bring it to my blog unless it's for a topic or review really, but this post will be.

So, you're wondering what our kids enjoy doing on Wednesday evenings, right? Well, there's a program for kids from preschool on up through fifth grade known as AWANA. Not all churches participate in it, but the church I grew up in before we moved did and they were very active in Cubbies and Sparks class and LOVED it, so I knew this fall we needed to get them involved with it again, and now they're both Sparkies! How fun, right? 

Yes, they absolutely love it. They're in the same class and they along with their classmates on Wednesday nights memorize different Bible verses and color pictures that go along with that night's verse, and do crafts, and of course have game time in the gym. It's a fun activity for kids, and a great way to share the word to other kids who may not go to church, through school and sports to let them get involved as well and start attending. 

Does your church have AWANA?

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