Random Wednesday: 10 Wishes that I have for my kids

I know there are a lot of parents that don't really think long-term but I do with my kids. Life with kids is definitely NEVER boring and is always interesting and still teaching them a lot about life.

Here are my 10 wishes for both of my kids that:
1. They will grow up to be the man and woman that God wants / needs them to be
2. They will graduate high school and go to college
3. They will have children of their own and have a steady / good job before having kids
4. They will keep God #1 in their lives and teach their children the same thing 
5. They will meet a respectful man and woman to marry and spend their life with
6. They will keep the friendships that are healthy in high school and stay in touch with them
7. They will be a successful man and woman when they graduate from college if they choose to go
8. They will try their hardest in school and all that they do and know that I am very proud of them
9. They will know that their dad and I love them so much and want what is best for them
10. They will grow up to be a good cook for their husband and wife

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