Here are 5 values that you should teach your children by age 5

What do YOU think are the top 5 values in life that you should teach kids by age 5? 

Here are some things that I found online for the values, but the meanings under it are all 100% mine.

Value #1 - Honesty
Yes, we all know that kids can sometimes be deceptive and sneaky, but we want to be sure that we raise them to be honest men and women as they grow up. I know for my kids, both my husband and I have always taught them that lying is wrong and that they need to tell the truth in everything they do, whether it gets them in trouble or not, because that's the right thing to do. The world needs a lot more honest people in it, because admit it we don't have a lot.

Value #2 - Justice
Yes, that word justice has its way of getting into our lives, doesn't it? Well, for kids it just means to make amends and say they're sorry when they are wrong for things with their friends and family as well, and to not hold a grudge or stay mad at one another.

Value #3 - Determination
Oh, I know how determined our son can be at times especially when it comes to things he is working hard on, such as building a big castle with his blocks or even reading and having to remember what he read in a short story even being in only first grade! Well, if you teach your kids to stay determined it will encourage them to push themselves in life. He sure likes to learn things, especially on how to fix things as his dad loves to fix 4 wheelers and cars, and things like that.

Value #4 - Consideration
I know, the first thing you're probably thinking is kids are considerate? No, not on their own will they aren't usually anyway. Well, you need to teach them to be considerate to those around them, not just adults. If they are purposefully doing things to get each other or other people upset or mad, then let them know that's not okay to do and to be considerate.

Value #5 - Love
Your children probably enjoy hearing the daily "I love you" that we as parents tell them throughout the day or evening as most kids would, but if you teach them to do things for others and even siblings and parents out of love, they may just surprise you on how they may just out of the blue start to tell you "I love you" before you get the chance to do so.

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  1. Those are definitely great values that we need to instill in our kids. I especially love that honesty. My 9 year old loves to lie a lot, about the littlest things too and it truly annoys me.