Difrax USA: Pacifier System

*Disclaimer - I received a pacifier system from Difrax USA in order to facilitate this review for my readers. A portion of the information in this post was given to me from the company.

Difrax Stylish Pacifier System That Grows With Your Baby From The Netherlands:

Information from the company:
The trendy, fun, innovative pacifier system designed for every stage of your baby/child's development.  One size does not fit all.  The classic style offers a round nipple that most resembles the breast, so it feels more like mommy while the orthodontic style stimulates the development of the palate and the muscles of the jaw and mouth.  Each collection comes in newborn to 6 month, 6+ month and 18+ month styles that are specifically designed with different features and benefits unique to the needs of that baby's age .  The 18 month pacifier is even designed to wean baby off.  In addition, the unique butterfly shape, the result of years of research and development, allows for extra air circulation, reducing the risk of skin irritation and keeping the nose free. You'll love all the fun colors and patterns available too! 
Difrax USA is the go to company for your pacifier needs!

My review of the pacifiers:
My former boss at the daycare center I was working at before we moved has a young baby, so I gave her 1 set of the pacifiers and they work good for his small mouth. They are made to fit a little baby's mouth size perfectly and not be too big of porportion for them to hold in their mouths. 

My former co-worker who is due in June I gave the other set of pacifiers to, so I will not know her thoughts on the pink pacifiers until she has had the chance to be able to test them out for her daughter. 

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