I love being a mom!

Life as a mom is so rewarding! My son is 6 years old and is in kindergarten this year and has been doing much better with a lot of his learning and such. He is now learning to tell time and we will be buying him his very own clock for his wall soon. They are learning a lot more earlier on now than they did when I was in school. 

The other day, he came up to me and asked what the pack of booklets were for that Papa got him for Christmas. I told him that I had forgotten they were not opened yet and let's read them together like we do with his other books. He said I want to read it to you. Mind you, he had never read any of those specific books before. He read the THREE he took out to read with me, perfectly by himself! I am so proud of him that he can read. He sounds all the words out and says the words. 

It's really neat as a mom who was a stay at home mom for 5 1/2 years of his life working on so many different aspects of his learning and reading to him books of all kinds for kids to see him now at 6 years old learning to tell time, be sociable with friends at daycare, learn to read, and more. He's a very smart 6 year old and I love being his mom. He and his sister are my pride and joy =) He can also count to 100, by 1 - 100, by 5s, 10s, and 20s by himself. He like his sister has learned a lot from me teaching them since 18 months old a lot of what they need to know in school. That's my job as a mom! 

My daughter is 5 and is in the pre-k class at the daycare I work at. She is ahead of a lot of the kids in her class because I worked on a lot with her from 18 months old to now. She obviously knows her ABCs, can write most of them, knows how to count to 30, writes her first and last name, knows all her colors and shapes since she was like 20 months old, days of the week, and we're working on months too, and more that I can't think of off the top of my head right now.

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