Graco: Glider LX Gliding Swing

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Graco Baby in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All information provided in this review is from the Graco Baby website and is also my opinions and thoughts about the product.

My review of this awesome Graco Glider LX Glider Swing:
First off, I want to express how great this swing would be for newborns. It has a gentle swing and more progressive speeds for the gliding for older baby age as you see fit. I am giving this to my boss since she is due in March, so I am using a baby doll to try this glider swing out and have the photos at the end of the review to show all of the aspects of this product. It's a great quality swing and is excellent for soothing babies. It has a lot of buttons on the side of the glider and some are to control speeds, volume of the melodies/nature sounds (it can be pretty loud or very soft), and turn the swing portion off as well as the sound. I am excited for her to be able to use this and hope it works great for what her son will need as a baby. It seems like a very relaxing and soothing type of glider swing. It's not too big or too small, it's the perfect size for a small nursery or room, and is easy to move around.

Some information and features you will want to know before buying this swing:
- Its recommended use is for babies 5 1/2 lbs - 30 lbs
- The frame of this glider swing uses 40% less space than other leading swings
- You have the option of plugging it in or using batteries
- The vibration comes in 2 speeds and can help keep the baby relaxed
- It has 6 gliding speeds that allow you to find the right pace for your baby to use. The fastest one is pretty fast, so be sure to test it out without baby in it first to see which to use.
- It has 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds that will delight and amuse
- It does have a timer mode that helps extend battery life
- It has a toy bar with 2 toys that is adjustable for easy access
- Has a 5 point harness to keep baby secure
- Has a roomy seat with body support and recline for baby's comfort

Price of this great glider swing:
Its price on the Graco website is $139.99 which is an excellent price for all it includes!

Weight of product: 18.46 lbs
Overall height: 36"
Depth: Side to side is 24.5" , Front to back is 28"

Care of this glider swing:
- Machine wash the cloth seat pad in cold water on delicate cycle. 
- Line dry it. 
- No bleach
- Clean swing frame with household soap and water

Other stores you can find this product at:
- Target
- Amazon
- Walmart
- Babies R Us


  1. My kids would have loved a swing like this! Both of them would sleep for hours in their swings! I like that the Graco Glider has the 2 speed vibration to help your baby relax. Looks like a great product!

  2. My babies always loved being in a glider like this. It wasn't quite as fancy back then. This looks like a huge improvement for the babies (and the mommys!)

  3. WOW! That is top of the line! It looks like the coziest little nest for baby - and safe too with the harness. Can I get that in adult size??? LOL

  4. This looks like a really nice swing - way nicer than the ones that were available when my daughter was a baby. :)

  5. I know someone who has this and loves it, we are past this stage at our house :(

  6. I love that you can plug it in. We have a Graco swing as well and plugging it in is such a great feature!

  7. Having a swing or glider is so nice when you have babies! Honestly, what I love most about this is that it's machine washable. That's HUGE when you have a newborn and lots of extra laundry.

  8. I just love these, I have 6 kids and it is amazing how these have come along over all these years....makes me wish they made these in adult size :)

  9. I have 6 kids and I just love how these have improved over the years....kinda makes me wish they had them in adult size

  10. It's cute. I like that it has neutral colors and lots of options! Congrats on your boss's new baby! How exciting!

  11. This would have been really nice to have when I was having babies. but I'll recommend it to my siblings as they start their families.