Duet Soothe Rocker and Swing by Graco Baby

*Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the wonderful company Graco Baby in order to facilitate this review for my readers. All opinions are 100% that of my own and of my co-workers, as this product is being used by babies at the place I work at. 

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My review of this amazing rocker and swing:
This is by far the best item I have seen from Graco Baby. We have one particular baby who cries a lot even if he's been fed, changed, and tended to. I knew I wanted to try to find a swing that would fit him best for calming him for a bit sometimes. Today, we had a winner! I actually let 2 babies try it out today before they went home, and both were very content in it. 

The one I was referring to, LOVES this swing and the vibration, the mobil, and the music it has. He sat there for awhile and just was the happiest baby ever. I work in an infant room, so this is a great asset for our room. We have one similar that the younger babies like, so it's nice to be able to add another one on the other end of the room for them to use. Graco is well known for their good prices, great quality products, and the wide variety of selection when it comes to baby products. I always recommend Graco to everyone I know who is expecting or has young kids who would benefit from the products that they may enjoy from the company.

This swing is awesome to say the least, in every way and here's why:
- It's easy to work with
- The battery pack is easy to open
- The volume for the lullabies isn't too loud or soft, it's just right
- There is a circle for the motion of the swing control in the middle of the panel at the top
- Right below the feet portion of the swing/rocker, is the vibration control area, low and high
- It's a large swing, but can be dismantled and made as a rocker too
- It has a mobil that goes above the head

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  1. I love Graco products! They are such good quality and if I were to have another child I would buy them all over again!