3 Simple Ways Tutoring Will Help Your Child Get Better Grades


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It’s important to not live vicariously through our kids, which is a problem many parents have - particularly when it comes to their academic life. We see our kids as a chance to maybe right the wrongs we went through in school, which puts extra pressure on them to succeed. It’s not okay to do this, though you obviously want your child to do well. 

So, when you see your child struggling with their studies, you want to do everything you can to help. Especially if it’s stressing them out and they’re developing exam anxiety. They want better grades, so what can you do to help? The best solution is clear: it’s time to hire a tutor. 

Tutoring is proven to help kids get better grades when they’re struggling, and here are three simple ways it does this: 

Personalized Teaching Plans

Your child could be struggling in school as their learning style isn’t covered in the teaching plans. It’s no fault of the teachers; they have a tough job trying to teach 30 different kids every lesson. They can’t create lessons to appeal to every learning style - it’s not possible. 

Contrastingly, tutors can do this. If you find a tutor on platforms like Care.com, they will explicitly teach your child during the tutoring sessions. Your child doesn’t share the lesson with anyone else, so the tutor can personalize their teaching to suit your child’s learning style. As a result, they learn things a lot better and retain information to help in tests because they’re finally learning in a way that’s beneficial to them. 

Time To Target Problem Areas

During a school lesson, your child might have countless problem areas they need help with. This might involve misunderstanding a particular topic or even a very specific part of a topic. Teachers don’t have the time to target these problem areas, so your child is left not understanding certain things. 

This frustrates them and might be the cause of their bad grades. Tutoring solves this issue as your child will always have time to talk about issues and get targeted help for problem areas. Actually, you can hire tutors specifically to deal with a problem area - such as a subject your child has difficulty with. Addressing their weakest points helps your child get much better grades. 

Much Better Feedback

An under-valued advantage of tutoring is the feedback your child gets. In a school environment, the best they’ll get is a mark on their paper with a sentence or two. It’s hardly the most detailed feedback and it doesn’t pave the way for improvements. Again, we’re not bashing teachers here - we know they can’t give every student the feedback they need. 

That’s where a tutor becomes so valuable. They can give detailed feedback, so you and your child know exactly where they’re going wrong. Sometimes, all a child needs is for someone to say “This is why you’re struggling, think about doing this instead” to make them realize their errors and improve academically

If you can afford it, tutoring is a fine way to help your child get better grades. It’s worth looking into if they have a particular learning style or a subject/topic that’s causing them a lot of grief.

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