Nursing Moms Should Try the Mom Cozy M5 Wearable Breast Pump

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Mom Cozy, in order to facilitate this review for my readers.

Are you a nursing mom who is looking for a convenient way to pump?

I got this product thanks to Mom Cozy for a good friend of mine to review on here, who is local to me, to have as she works full time and has a baby and has been trying to find a good wearable pump that she can wear at work to be able to pump/store milk to freeze for her little one, and this is the perfect one! 

Normal electric pumps are a hassle unless you have to have one to deal with, with all of the tubing and plugging it into the wall, etc. So, ideally especially for a working mom this wearable pump is great, and of course she can use this at home if she wants to as well. 

It even comes with a case to keep them in when not in use, so that is perfect for working moms who need to be able to store it when it is not being used. And this is a great quality case for storing it in too as you can see below.

I have seen SO many awesome reviews for this pump specifically and wish I knew of it when I had my youngest 4 years ago! 

My friend was excited when I told her that I can possibly get her this pump to review for her. I knew she needed one that would work well for her. 

As you can see, it has a button for you to push on to turn it on/off, as well as to control the speed level for the pump to ensure a good output for pumping your milk for your little one. And the one thing that she loves about this one is that it can hold up to about 5 ounces of breastmilk pumped per wearable pump, which is a good amount for a pumping session. It's easy to place on and remove to be able to empty the pump to store milk, and clean or you can continue to use the pump if you need to.

This is the Mom Cozy M5 Wearable Double Breast Pump and it has a lot of great features. You can get this pump for $199 for the double wearable pump on their website, or $119 for the single wearable pump. You can also find this pump on Amazon for $199 for the double pump.

The great thing about this one is that she can get about five 30-minute pumps before she will need to charge it to be able to re-use it again, which if you think about it is a really good battery life.

The nice thing about this wearable pump she likes a lot is that there is a soft cover that protects the part of it that goes on her when she needs it throughout the day. 

This pump has 3 modes to it which include: stimulate, express, and mixed. It also has 9 levels to it and vibrate to pump more efficiently as well. The thing she also likes about this pump is that it is fairly easy to clean, and she can sit it to air dry until she needs to use it again.

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