My First Tree by Step 2 is Perfect for the Holidays

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Step 2, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for a cute gift for your little one for the holidays?

I got one of these cute My First Tree from Step 2 a couple years ago for my youngest but misplaced it so I figured she would probably have a fun time for a bit anyway with a new one especially since it came with more pieces than what I had bought the last time. 

As you can see, this My First Tree is nicely made and it comes with multiple ornaments for the play tree as well, which is a big plus that most small kids will love and enjoy playing with. I can definitely picture 8-month-olds - two years old or so really enjoying this one the most age wise. My four-year-old likes it but isn't as active with it as she use to be when younger of course.

My six year old daughter has a fun time playing with this tree with her sister sometimes too, so it's not just for toddlers and young kids, but it's not as interesting or long lasting play wise for older kids of course attention span wise. I think it is made for toddlers more so. My 4 year old likes it, but is not as into the toy as she was when she was a two year old when I got her the other one. 

But they do play with it at times and like to connect the train and use the ornaments for fun with the tree, so it's a good motor skill toy for sure, regardless of their ages. This would be the perfect gift for a little one's first Christmas for sure, and is good until they outgrow interest in it. 

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