Check Out Pounding Metal Breaking Glass Etsy Shop

A friend of mine owns the Etsy shop, Pounding Metal Breaking Glass and sells some really cool and unique products on her shop and I wanted to share it with you.

When it comes to being artistic, she is very talented in all she creates and has made for herself, family, and of course her Etsy shop! You need to take a look and see if there is anything in her shop that may interest you. So much to choose from that is available currently. Her prices are very reasonable too for everything that she offers.

She does custom orders, chalk re-furnished antique furniture, sublimations, and more! She does a lot of amazing custom paintings that she is currently taking new orders for. I plan to eventually order a custom one but I am not sure yet on what exactly I'd like, as I have a few ideas in mind.

You can also check out her shop Pounding Metal Breaking Glass on Facebook which has more things than just what she offers on her Etsy shop as well, so take a look and give her page a like to stay updated on what she has coming out that may interest you. 

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