How Your Child's Age Can Impact Your Travel Plans

Before you had children, you may have been free and easy with your travels. Of course, you planned, but you had a different type of freedom than you have now. With kids in tow, timelines need to change. That does not have to mean that you should stay home until they graduate from high school. Instead, reconsider your approach so you can still embrace travel and adventure.

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Always consider the location.

When planning your next vacation, look at the activities that your location or venue has to offer. Make time to read through the related brochures and potential itineraries. The companies usually list suggested age groups for activity recommendations to ensure safety and fun for everyone.

For example, Disney World recommended ages and information are available for review. This will help you decide how long you wish to stay at the park, what to bring, and what passes or wristbands you will purchase.

Schedules and needs are still relevant on vacation.

Children’s bodies and minds are simply not developed enough to adapt to big schedule changes. They become tired at a certain time each day, regardless of the greatest tourist attraction’s guided tour schedule. Be mindful of that when booking tickets for activities and events. 

If your toddler needs to nap at 1:00 pm, consider a flight that departs at 12:30 pm. With this schedule, you can have them eat a good lunch, board the plane, and get comfortable. By the time the flight is in the air, your little one will be ready for a nap.

Consider bringing a sitter with you.

In acknowledging a young one’s needs, you should seriously think about traveling with a sitter. This person can be your parent(s), an aunt, or a nanny. The person acting as a sitter may be older and want some downtime, as busy schedules can be tiring. It can be a perfect pairing of older and younger in this situation. The sitter gets to relax while providing responsible oversight for kids who require adequate rest and a routine.

This scenario is a win for you, too, as you will get some alone time with your significant other without worrying about entertaining tired children or having undue concern about them.

Be mindful of what you pack.

Having kids means packing for more than their clothing and toiletry requirements. You will need to bring along items that will entertain. This is especially important for occupying them during long layovers or delays at the airport (or on the plane) and on an extended road trip. 

Always include items that will not be easily lost. Card and magnetic travel games are ideal. Books, reusable drawing tablets, and stuffies are good ideas. And remember that snacks and reusable water bottles are essentials to stave off the hangries at any time.

Watch this video to learn how to pack a carry-on when you have kids.

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With preparation, you can have successful family travel adventures. Find the perfect place to stay and take advantage of the ages and stages of your kids right now. They will grow up before you know it, so it is best to savor the opportunities to travel together regardless of age.

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