Where To Find Parenting Advice

There are so many differing opinions regarding parenting; while you might be rolling your eyes at some, some might resonate with you. It is important to seek out other ways of doing things as it can give you more tools than you thought possible. 

Without meaning, you may end up in conflict, judging others, and bombarded with unhelpful and sometimes upsetting information and advice. 

However, you do have a choice; you can unfollow social accounts that make you feel bad and seek out people and opinions that support you. 

Here are some places to explore for information and advice to help no matter what stage of parenting you are in. 

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You have plenty of websites to choose from, no matter what stage of parenting you are in and the type of content you enjoy reading. Mothering.com is a community that is dedicated to inclusive family living and mothers. No matter what type of topic you are looking for when it comes to parenting, you will find it there. 

Scary Mommy is a hub of funny and relatable stories and a mix of informative articles; the community is millions strong. It is more common than ever for both parents to be working, which is where Working Mother can help people find a balance between working and parenting. 


Podcasts are more popular than ever, and they can be listened to in the car while cleaning or working and elsewhere in the day. There is a parenting podcast for every stage of your parenting journey. 

We Are Family is a podcast that celebrates the diversity in family, covering everything from blended families to IVF. The Mom Hour hosts have eight children across the two hosts and talk about puberty, potties, and sleep deprivations in equal measure. 

Ask Lisa: The Psychology of Parenting discusses mental health in families and covers pressing parenting questions. 


Articles and podcasts are great, but perhaps you will want to read a more personal account of what goes on in families. Parent bloggers are plentiful, and you can find the one that resonates with you. 

Here are a couple of the most popular parenting blogs worth checking out, Moments a Day: Personal Growth For Families, which talks about personal growth for families and parents through creative activities and fun. Imperfect Families talks about raising great kids and not being perfect. What’s more, the writer, Nicole, is a licensed therapist. 

Dirt and Boogers are written by a parent that was the Mental Health Counselor and worked with children and mothers. On a Sunday, bloggers from around the world share their parenting posts, and you can find a feast of supportive, honest, tip-filled posts. 

Your Modern Family writer Becky delves into thought-provoking parenting topics that can give you cause for pause and some consideration. All of the topics are covered thoughtfully and so well written that even if the post doesn’t apply directly to you, you will find yourself reading from start to finish. 

And, of course, parenting courses designed to support you: KEEP CALM COURSE — CHILDPROOF PARENTING

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