The Peepkins Family Podcast Series: Interview with Anna Faris

*Disclaimer - I got the opportunity to speak with Anna Faris about the new family podcast she is part of: The Peepkins, which is a family podcast series. 

The Peepkins podcast is available to listen to on QCode and is a fun/family friendly one that everyone will enjoy listening to! 

Enjoy the interview where I was able to ask her a couple questions about the podcast.


A little bit about the podcast is below:


Jeremy Bullis, Writer & Creator

Stuart Jenkins, Writer & Creator

Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, Director


Commander Hatch — Anna Faris (Executive Producer)

Outgoing and imaginative Peepkin; a day dreamer who believes in aliens and monsters; has an easy-going temperament and relies on her best friend Noah for stability and advice.

Noah — Maulik Pancholy  

Kind but nervous Peepkin with a Mid-Western, airy voice; a perfectionist and worrier who is also smart and logical, a reluctant hero who loves to knit; best friends with Hatch.

Baron Von Torious — Diedrich Bader

Menacing figure with a refined accent; greedy and scheming land baron with a penchant for opera and art; has a quick temper and easily bruised ego; classic melodrama villain in tophat and cape.

Jackson Stiles — Adrian Pasdar

Radio announcer with a deep, impeccably enunciated, old-timey baritone voice; host of the Peepkins Radio Hour.

Bunny Bonnet — Lynette DuPree

The lady about town, who is a gossip and has a fondness for large flamboyant hats.

Rattling Isaiah — James Wellington

Older Peepkin who is a teller of tall tales; keeper and lecturer of history but could just be winging it; has a New England lilt.

Vera Pertie (VP) — Punam Patel

Member of the town council; Power suit wearing whirlwind, very Tracy Flick from Election; always happy to help but not above lobbying for a vote

Gilly Boo — Mara Shuster-Lefkowitz

One of the Baron's henchkins; brains of the duo with Dilly Hiss; dialect straight from NY 1930's era lower east side

Dilly Hiss — Knox Collier

One of the Baron's henchkins; not the brains of the duo with Gilly Boo; dialect straight from NY 1930's era lower east side.

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