Ideas To Get your Home Ready For The Holidays

Back in June, you might have promised friends and family to host a few parties over the holiday season including Thanksgiving, a White Elephant holiday party and then a Christmas brunch. Now that the month has finally creeped up upon us, time is ticking away and you are extremely busy. Below are a few tips to help get your home ready this holiday season before the panic starts to set in. 

Declutter: One of the things I like to help get ready with my anxiety is starting with a quick declutter throughout the entire house. This does not mean to get rid of everything but to actually put away a few random items that have been left out. Clean or not, the clutter can make your home look messy. Look at your flat surfaces and clear off as much as you can to include room for holiday decor and meals. You’ll also need to put a room together for snacks and adult beverages too. 

Tidy Mud Room: Of course accidents can occur and it’s important to have a spray and wash to make sure that your laundry room at least looks presentable before the guests arrive, especially if they will be using your mudroom to store shoes, coats, etc. Finish any remaining laundry and vacuum the exhaust fan. If you can, wipe down any exterior surfaces of your cabinets and tidy up the cleaning closet and supplies. Lastly, empty the garbage can and clean the floor, especially if guests will be walking in that way. 

Sanitize Bathrooms: if your parties are anything like mine, the bathrooms will be near the kitchen and also used in your home with everyone coming to and from. You want these to be sparkling clean and ready to go. For your light fixtures, dust all around and the flat surfaces. Make sure that the mirror is clean and shiny without any spots. Scrub the sinks and polish plumbings to give it extra sparkle. Similarly to your mudroom, empty the garbage can and clean the floors. For extra measure, add an air freshener plug in. 

Image: Scorpion Septic 

Septic Tank Cleaning: One thing you might not think about getting ready for the holidays is your septic tank. You’ll want to make sure this is running properly during the colder months so call in the professional to have it done properly. Scorpion Septic is a highly recommended business in the Atlanta area. This septic pumping company offers location in Dallas, Georgia and has a wide variety of services including inspections, installations, repairs and maintenance and cleaning and pumping. Whatever questions or concerns you have, be sure to get them answered before the big day begins. 

Final Walk Through: When the big day finally arrives grab a few clorox wipes and sanitize all the light switches, door knobs and handles in the entire house. With so many people getting sick lately you’ll want to make sure as best you can that it doesn’t happen at your party. I usually start at one end of the home and move through each room to make sure I don’t miss anything or any surface. I also take it to have one final visual scan on anything that might need attention. 

Once everything is finished and you have energy left, it’s time to decorate and enjoy the party you’ve been planning for so long. Do not be worries and welcome everyone to your home. You did it, you are finished and now it’s time to have a wonderful time and appreciate the great job you did to put make it as welcoming and enjoyable as you can.

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