Heartwarming Recipes For The Cold Harsh Winter

Winter is here again and that means you are reaching for the slow cooker and all the modern tech that makes creating warming meals a convenience. You don’t want to be eating fruit salads or jacket potatoes in winter as these won’t warm your cockles. You want big meals that are coated with love and warmth to get you through the cold spell. You may think you have exhausted all options of meals. However, fear not, take a look below for some more inspiration and meal ideas. 

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The first one on the list is generally a fan favorite in winter, young and old alike love this dish. It has to be on your table at least once in winter and you will wish you did it more often. A classic chili con carne will consist of beef, onions, beans, and the sauce. This is the base for any chili, however, you can add or take away whatever you like to put your own spin on it. A lot of people throw in some peppers to bulk it out a bit. When you dish this, make sure you serve it with rice and salad. 


Another idea that you can consider is adding some enchiladas to your life. If you’re a fan of some spice, some incredible flavors, sauce and cheese, then this is definitely something that you should consider. It gives you that warm feeling when you’re eating it, while also being packed full of nutrients and vitamins from all of the vegetables that are included in the recipe. You can make this as spicy or as mild as you want depending on your personal preferences, as well as with or without any meat. Enchiladas are pretty customizable based on your dietary requirements and preferences, so it works for everyone.


If you really can’t be bothered to stand over the stove for hours on end then what better option is there than pizza. You don’t have to reach for the takeaway menu, you can make your own. It takes a matter of minutes and even less if you have a special pizza oven. You don’t need a pizza oven to make your own pizza, it just helps. You can create the base or even buy them for added convenience, load it up with your choice of topping and serve with some garlic bread. 


Another fantastic idea for a heartwarming recipe is steak. Steak is a delicious meal for any time of year, but it’s especially great when the weather outside is cold. There’s nothing quite like cutting into a juicy steak at the end of the day, and savoring all of the flavors that burst to life on your tongue.

If you’re going to be having steak though, you want to invest in quality. For example, tomahawk steaks are delicious, and you can have them with pretty much everything!

Hopefully you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the heartwarming recipes that you can consider using in the cold, harsh winter! There is nothing quite like a delicious meal to warm you up at the end of the day, so plan this carefully to ensure that you are nice and toasty while eating your evening meal. Good luck, and we hope that you create some fantastic meals.

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