Why Choose Waistdear Wholesale Shapewear Supplier-Ultimate Guide

 When we started our business, the goal was always to provide quality while remaining profitable. That's why your supply chain is very important. Are you looking to sell shapewear and want to know where to find the right parts for your customers? This item will surely help you make your decision to buy your waist stock with us.



For shapewear, we are one of the best suppliers of shapewear and I will tell you a few reasons.

Plus Sizes

On our website, you will always find something for both small size and large size. We also have adjustable parts that cover both sizes, so don't worry if you lose the line and gain weight. We did this thinking about helping you save money and avoid having to always have to change your shapewear which we think is unnecessarily. 



Low-cost prices

You might be afraid you're going to spend a fortune. And contrary to what you usually find in other department stores, we have modelers for only $5. Despite the low value we give our words that despite being weighed with prices we guarantee the high quality. This may even seem strange, in turn, if you are satisfied with our parts is something we can earn more because probably our customers are always recommending us to other customers. Here you get the wholesale shapewear.

Variety of Products

Currently works with various styles for you client can get: full body modeling waist trainers, panty modelers, thigh modelers and more in a range of sizes, colors and fabrics. Thus making it easier for you who intend to buy wholesale. Your customers will love it!


Agility in delivery

To ensure that you receive all products efficiently. We currently partner with the delivery companies we use are UPS, DHL and FedEx. All processing rotates within 24 hours after confirmation. It takes about 7 days for delivery, but you can receive your items within 5 days.

Customer Service

Know that you customers are everything to us. So don't worry if you need to solve something. You can contact support in case of any questions, no matter what the reason, or even to help with purchases. Here you get the best customer service, because you are properly notified and oriented whenever you need to check on our page waistdear reviews.

About Waistdear

We are a consolidated wholesale brand in the market and we work every day to continue to be one of the best online stores. You get modelers for different needs. Come now to meet us and see how easy it is to make your purchases through our site, and all our diversity that we provide. Do not hesitate we have many options and for various sizes. From modelers to wholesale waist trainers with logo. Works for our designs provide not only beautiful pieces, but items that provide great comforts. Easy on skin and eyes. Buy with us today!



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