Healthy Habits To Include Into Your Routine


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 It is very easy to neglect yourself at one point or another. We are all guilty of it and although it is something that we want to do. So, why not go into the New Year, adopting some healthy habits and trying to focus on your well-being, a little bit more? In the short and long term, your mind and body will thank you. 

Follow the 80/20 diet rule

To eat healthily, doesn’t mean that you just eat salad and fruit all the time, you need to have a balanced healthy diet. If you struggle with overindulging or eating too much junk food, the 80/20 diet is the best one for you. This means that 80% of the time you enjoy nutritional, healthy and filling foods. And 20% of the time you indulge in things that you enjoy, and that make you happy, this could be things like a glass of wine on a Friday night, going out for pizza with friends or indulging in some foods at different events like cake up birthdays or if you are going to a funeral you could find an easy recipe for funeral potatoes. Funeral potatoes are a delicious cheesy potato dish which people tend to indulge in family gatherings and initially funerals, which is where it gets its name from.

Look After Your Mental Health 

Mental health it’s something that a lot of people struggle with and since the pandemic, it is something that has been highlighted as it is a lot worse for a lot of people. This seems to be ongoing as there is also now the cost of living crisis and other stressful things and everyone’s daily lives. And looking after your mental health should be at the forefront of your priorities, however, a lot of people neglect to look after themselves in that way, and that leads to anxiety, stress, illness, and also depression. It can cause a lot of issues mentally and physically and cancel times be hard to come out of. This is why it is important to look after your mental health and seek professional help from an online psychiatrist Pennsylvania if the need arises. There are preventative things that you can take into action like meditation, and therapy if that’s what you feel you need, as well as things like making sure you socialise with your friends as well as listening to your body and taking it slow, or having a day to relax if you’re on the path to burning yourself out.

Work On Progression 

Working on progression in different areas of your life is important. For Some people, it may be progressing at work, so you could do overtime, take on more tasks or even educate yourself in your industry in your own time by taking online courses, attending lectures and lots of other ways. If you want to progress in the journey to a healthy body, you could dedicate time to working out, creating an exercise plan, and finding an exercise class that you enjoy. There are so many out there, so after you’ve tried a few you may find one that resonates with you.

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