Enjoy Outings with the Gladly Classic 4-Seater All Terrain Wagon Stroller

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from Gladly, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for a wagon that's compatible for up to 4 kids?

When it comes to small children, it's always nice to be able to have a compatible wagon or stroller that will hold them all safely and be a good and sturdy one as a family. This Gladly Classic 4-Seater All Terrain Wagon Stroller, holds up to 4 children who are up to 50 lbs each in it! It's an awesome wagon and was made very sturdily and is well made all in all. You can get this one for just $599 on Amazon!

It comes with a storage place that is good for snacks and such to go in, or diapers if you have a child in diapers. I love how easy it is to pop this on the wagon and go.

It also has one set of cup holders per side of the wagon, as well as one single cup holder for the person pulling the wagon which is super great and I love it so far! Makes the walk much easier with a place for all of our drinks to sit in. It also has a canopy per side that zips closed to keep air from getting in their faces, which is something I like a lot. 

The wheels on this wagon are made really well too and the good thing about them is that they are not tires that you need to add air to or anything, so just make sure they stay out of the weather and are in good shape and this will last you a long while.

My younger two children are the only ones who are under 50 lbs, so they're the only ones able to enjoy riding in the new wagon. They had a fun time riding in their new wagon and wanted to stay in it! I think it is one of my youngest's favorite things now, as she was playing in it at home in the house for awhile earlier in the day. 

I give this wagon a 5 star review. It would be very convenient to own especially if you have young kids and babysit young kids too, and need the space but don't want to haul around a huge stroller. This is a decent size wagon but it does collapse and is easy to manuver. 

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