Blue's Big City Adventure Review

 *Disclaimer - I received a screening link to be able to watch Blue's Big City Adventure before it comes to Paramount+. This post is my thoughts about the movie!

Are you excited for the new movie - Blue's Big City Adventure?

I have been excited to watch this movie with my younger two kids especially as they both love Blues Clues and You! We love all of their episodes and this movie is just perfect for Blue watchers. If your kids love Blues Clues/Blues Clues and You, then they will LOVE this movie. Josh, Joe, and Steve are all in this one.

This one is a lot of fun, as it's not just a movie with Blue and everyone- it is a musical so there's plenty of fun and catchy songs that your kids should enjoy throughout the movie! The audition had so many different people trying out for the theme song of Blue's Clues, but they went through a lot of people while waiting on Josh to get there.

Josh gets an audition in New York City with Rainbow Puppy, for a musical on Broadway!! This movie is a bit different from the show Blues Clues and You, of course as it's specific to their NYC adventure, and what all they do! They got lost trying to find Josh's way to the theatre where his audition was suppose to take place at. Craziness in this movie, but SO much fun too!

They had a lot of fun exploring the big city, as well as auditioning and singing in the streets too! So much fun was had in this movie and it definitely exceeded my expectations for sure, as I had been looking forward to seeing this one with my younger two kids since I saw a commercial for it. 

You definitely do not want to miss this movie, coming to Paramount+ on November 18! You won't want to miss this one.

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