Outdoor Activities for the Fall Weather

As summer comes to a close, and the cool crisp air of fall begins to creep in, there are lots of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the changing of the seasons. Summer is known for its outdoor activities, but fall is a great time to be with nature, and depending on where you live it could be a much more pleasant time of year to spend time outside. With fall also usually comes the changing of leaves, beautiful organes and reds fill wooded areas and line paths making it an experience for all of your senses. Even if you don’t live in a region that experiences leaves changes, autumn can still be a great time to enjoy the outdoors. 

Here are some easy suggestions to get you started on your outdoor adventures for fall wishlist. 

Go on a Hike

Hiking through nature can be about more than just taking a walk through the woods, it’s also a great way to learn more about your local wildlife and ecology. Turning a hike into a search for certain animals, plant life, and other aspects of nature is a good learning experience for all ages. If you have younger children, its a great teaching moment about hibernation and what animals do to prepare for winter. Be on the lookout for migratory birds, or bring a field guide so you can identify certain trees. 

Go Apple Picking

Although apples are available to most people all year around, the experience of visiting an apple orchard and picking your own apples tops going to the grocery store for them. Most orchards that have pick your own options, will also have other fall themed activities on their property. 

You can also search for an apple orchard that is having a festival this fall, these will usually include things like hayrides, apple deserts, apple cider, crafts, and so much more. Even if you just go for a few hours to stroll around the apple trees, this is a unique way to enjoy the outdoors.

Visit Your Grandparents

This may not have much to do with getting into the fall spirit, but the fall is a great time to visit your elderly loved ones. After what was probably a hot and humid summer, your grandparents may have spent the last few months mostly inside. As the temperature lowers in the fall, enjoying some time outside is a lot more viable for ederly individuals, and a visit from you could motivate them to spend some time in the sun. If your grandparent lives in a retirement community, they probably have a nice path right on the campus that you can take advantage of. Having a picnic is also a nice way to be outside but not exert too much energy. 

Carve a Pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin can get messy, so it is a great project to do outside. You can buy a pumpkin from a local grocery store, or make a day of it and head to a pumpkin patch. Once you have your pumpkins, sitting outside enjoying the sunshine while carving fun designs into your pumpkins is sure to please any of your friends and family. Once you are finished, you have a homemade decoration that you can enjoy for the rest of the season. 

Collect Fall Leaves

Collecting leaves is something that you can take a few hours out of your day to do, or continue throughout the month whenever you’re outside. Either way it adds some purpose to your hike or stroll through the park, and you can preserve them to enjoy all year. If you want to save the leaves you have collected, you can press them into a book, or preserve them in a glycerin mixture. Pressed leaves are great for cards, decorations, and more. 

Jenn Walker is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beach goer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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