Life Right After Divorce: 5 Ways to Heal Faster

Ending a marriage is an emotionally draining process. Going through all the steps, potentially taking it to court with a family law specialist, it is a lot to contend with. Amidst the emotional upheaval, many of us struggle to move on with life. Making emotional adjustments become tough due to the loss of intimacy, the loss of social connection, financial hurdles and delegation of parental duties.

Fortunately, you can work through these emotions and start a new life after divorce. Below, we have shared five simple yet effective ways to deal with those stressful days right after separation. 

  1. Give Yourself Time to Heal 

Start by accepting the fact that you need time to heal from the emotional exhaustion of divorce. Acknowledging your thoughts and feelings would allow you to handle the entire situation gracefully.

During this time, you could even try talking to your ex-partner and see if things could end on a good note. You can choose to act mature and plan your kids’ future together. This will also reduce the burden of parental responsibilities on the shoulders of one parent. 

  1. Look for Coping Strategies 

Emotional regulation is a skill that helps you handle intense emotions and focus on self-soothing techniques. 

Instead of getting into the overthinking zone and creating chaos in your head, try to indulge in activities that give you pleasure and joy. It could be as simple as joining a yoga class, going for dinners with your family, or just having a calm time with yourself. 

There would be times when you might feel helpless, and that’s when you constantly have to push yourself and cope with the situation. 

  1. Stay Close to Your Loved Ones 

Research shows that spending more time with people you love can drastically reduce stress and induce happy emotions. Life right after divorce may seem worthless, but sharing your emotional burden with your loved ones can make life exciting again.

Talk to a friend or family friend who listens to you. Share how you feel. Listen to their perspective of the whole situation. This would help you take off your emotional burden, and you will feel relieved. 

  1. Try Cannabis to Release the Stress

Did you know cannabis can help relieve mental stress and promote happy emotions by activating serotonin receptors in our brain? Out of Americans who use cannabis, 49% of them use CBD ( a cannabis compound) for stress and anxiety relief. There are many different cannabis products available and numerous ways to consume it, with major differences between a joint and a blunt, for example, so those who have not tried CBD before may well find the options somewhat overwhelming. 

Cannabis oils and edibles like gummies, cannabis chocolate, candies, and cookies are popular methods of taking cannabis as they are more convenient and taste delicious. Whenever you feel emotions are getting out of control, you can take cannabis and relax for a few hours. Moreover, it also helps you sleep peacefully. 

  1. Don’t Rush Into a New Relationship 

Due to the fear of being alone or loved again, many people jump into a new relationship right after divorce. That’s not helpful, suggests experts. You need enough time to heal from the grief of losing a partner with whom you shared the most precious years of your life. 

Utilize that time to analyze what didn’t work in your previous relationship and what were the red flags you don’t want in your next relationship. 

Bottom Line

The period after divorce can drain you both mentally and physically. If you think you’re unable to handle the situation by yourself, you can consult a mental health professional and seek help. They are therapists who can teach coping skills towards a new life. 

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