Scrumptious Family Brunches - 4 Ways

If you are wondering what to feed your family on those luxurious weekend mornings where you get to sleep in, then Bruch is the answer. The good news is there are so many delicious and nutritious brunch options to choose from.

Find 4 of the best below.

Pancakes, bacon, and sausage 

A US favorite pancakes, bacon, and sausage is the perfect mix of sweet, salty, and savory flavors for your next brunch. Of course, you’ll want to add a generous knob of butter and some real maple syrup as well. 

Feel free to use store bough pancakes, but making your own can be a lot of fun, especially if you ask the kids to help you. One of the best kinds of breakfast pancake or flapjack are the ones made with buttermilk which you can find out all about here

Eggs benedict 

Traditionally eggs benedict is a refined and filling brunch dish that consists of an English muffin topped with two poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce. You can also add additional items of protein such as bacon, or smoked salmon for a delicious twist. 

Many people are put off making their own eggs benedict for brunch because of Hollandaise sauce, yet it's surprisingly easy when you know-how. You just need to remember to make the rue up first as this forms the base. 

You can even get creative and replace the Engligs muffin with other carbs. For example, the Lake Effect restaurant mentioned in this post uses chipotle hashbrowns for an innovative and tasty change. 

French toast 

French toast has to be one of the most classic brunch dishes, and one of the best tastings as well. Its comprised of bread asked in eggs and milk and then pan-fried in oil or butter until it's crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle. 

It's super quick to make as well, just check out this how to make french toast post to find out how. Add delicious berries, and a dust of icing sugar for a sweet version, or for a more savory take streaky, smoked bacon cooked until its crispy along with butter and a dash of maple syrup is simply divine.


 “Full English”, as it's known in the UK, is ideal for brunch because there is so much food, it's unlikely that you will be hungry enough for it at normal breakfast time. There is also a bit of preparation involved, but this is mostly easy, as it's broiling the bacon, sausages, and tomatoes, and frying the eggs and bread. You can even see a video on how to make the perfect fried bread for your full English below. Enjoy!

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