Fun Things To Do As A Family On A Rainy Day


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Stimulation is frequently necessary to keep a child's interest in what they are doing. especially if you don't want them to spend the whole day glued to a phone, iPad, or TV. You don't want that to be the only thing they do when it's raining or you're stuck inside for the day. You do want screens to become a regular part of life, though. Instead of celebrating iPad Day, make the most of the rainy day by spending time with your children, participating in entertaining activities, and discovering new things. Here are some ideas for the next rainy season. 

Cooking together is a great activity to undertake with the kids. It not only keeps them interested and entertained but also teaches them important life lessons and cooking techniques that they will need as they become older. Making easy, delicious snacks like cookies and brownies is a great place to start. However, as they become older, cooking alongside them has benefits for teaching kids how to make meals. You can start by making homemade pizza or attempting simple dishes or trying something new like how to make St. Louis ribs. They will like it, and you may include cleaning instructions on food safety, hand washing, and applying hand sanitiser. 

You might also think about creating something handcrafted and artistic with them. At your local craft shop, you may stock up on creative activity packages, or you can just buy a bunch of materials like pipe cleaners, paint, pom-poms, and craft sticks. If you already have the materials, you may hunt up a fun craft to make online right away. A tonne of accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok also have great recommendations for kid-friendly creative endeavours. You can also get brief ones if your kid can't focus for long enough to participate.

A great rainy day activity is to create a little fort or enclosed chamber out of bedsheets and blankets of fairy lights. While the rain is falling outside, this will make the house feel cosy and wonderful. Then you may have a tiny, cosy movie night with a projector or simply the TV. To have a fun family night, you can either buy your favourite popcorn and sweets or make your own snacks and bake. You only need to spread out all of your extra blankets and pillows on the floor, hang some bed sheets, and hang some fairy lights around the TV to make yourself comfy. You could even make it more like a tent-like fort and keep it closed while using a bedsheet as a projector screen to watch your movie.

Have a treasure hunt inside. Use a treasure hunt to keep their rainy day interesting. Create a set of clues for each player, with each clue leading to the next and ultimately to the prize (for fun, try rhyming the clues). A clue number (such as 2/7, or "two of seven") should be written on the envelopes to help the treasure hunters identify them. The winner is the person who solves the puzzles first and discovers the treasure, which could be a tiny toy, a movie IOU, or even a stash of coins (either regular or chocolate). Alternately, have your children work together as a team to decipher the clues and find the treasure.

Throwing a tea party at home for the kids is one of the most traditional things to do on a rainy day. Put on your finest attire, prepare the table with fine china, and adopt a formal demeanour (remember, extend your pinkie and sip politely). Tea for you, juice or cocoa for the kids, and simple egg or chicken salad tea sandwiches in amusing shapes thanks to cookie cutters are all on the menu. Allow your children to choose which of their favourite dolls or animal companions are on the guest list.

You can always just go for a classic, get out some board games, and maybe even teach them how to play chess. All the old-school games we know and loved as kids are a great thing to introduce into their lives so they can enjoy and experience them too.

Everyone enjoys jumping in muddy puddles, so if everyone is starting to go a little stir crazy, get the kids dressed in their wellies and waterproofs, give them umbrellas, and act like Peppa Pig. 

Wellies are an absolute must have. When you reach home, you can rewarm yourself with hot showers and steamy cups of cocoa.

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