Adorable Summer Dresses and Room Rug from Pat Pat

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Pat Pat, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some cute summer dresses for your little ones?

When it comes to dresses, I really love the quality that Pat Pat dresses offer. They're great prices, but the quality is really good! It lasts with all of the clothes that we have gotten with them so far, and the dresses too! 

My daughters just love these tie dye dresses and they have a nice, soft material to them too which makes them not so hot in summer months it seems. They're always wanting to wear matched dresses, so it's a lot of fun! And, of course below you can see their new matching shoes too!

My youngest got a dress and didn't match this time with her sister but we love the colors of this one and it's perfect for wearing to church as well. The colors are bright and fun for kids to enjoy wearing on a nice, summer day. 

The last dress is mine and although I don't wear dresses like ever, I love this one and with fourth of July recently passing, I found it appropriate and fun for summer months. 

My teenage daughter loves to redo her room and wanted a new rug for it, so I got her this dark pink one and she loves it! Works really well for just having at the entrance of her room for guests or just herself to have a soft rug in there. She loves it so far and it's really soft and cute so that's a plus!

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