Summer Activities to Get You Out of the House

 Summer is here! You’ve made it through the cold yet again and came out on the other side. Welcome to summer, the best part of the year. With all the time you spent waiting for the sun to come back out, you could have forgotten all the great summer plans you’d made.

If that’s the case and you’re looking for some fun summer activities, look no further. Spend a short ten minutes reading this article, and then spend the rest of your summer outside having fun. The sun is finally back out, and you should be too!

Play a Pick-Up Sport or Join a Club

Exercise doesn’t need to be a drag. You should be having fun no matter what you’re doing. Ditch the beat-up running shoes and maybe find a more enjoyable exercise, not that running isn’t fun (just not for most of us). Joining a club or playing a pick-up sport is an excellent opportunity to exercise and enjoy yourself out in the sun. 

Pick-up sports and clubs are often inviting and provide a great opportunity to work out and socialize. Maybe you feel as if you’re too old to play sports, but that’s not the case. There is a wide variety of sports that are accessible to everyone and, more importantly, a ton of fun. Sports like badminton, pickleball, racquetball, golf, and many others are perfect for the physically impaired. Visit a nearby basketball court to play a pick-up game, or go to your local gym and join a club. These opportunities are everywhere during the summer, and the best part is that they are open to everyone!

Make Some Ice Cream

If you’re someone who enjoys relaxation more than sports, this could be a perfect opportunity for you. Making ice cream is not only fun but also a great way to get your family or friends involved, no matter their age or ability. All you need is some milk, ice, some flavorings, and a plastic bag, don’t forget your loved ones because they’re going to want to see this! 

Watch as you turn a bag of everyday ingredients into a delicious summertime snack. Whether you’re eight or eighty, it’s hard not to enjoy some good ice cream. Know what the best part about all of it is? The ice cream is absolutely delicious; homemade beats store-bought every summer. 

Hit the Beach!

Ok, we may not have had to give you this idea. You probably already planned to visit the ocean sometime this summer. Well, this could be your sign to finally get out there and hit the beach. There’s no better place to be on a hot summer day than sitting on the sea shore, lounging in your chair. 

Grab an umbrella, some towels, a bathing suit, and your outdoor slippers, and try not to have a good time. No other time of the year can you truly enjoy the beach. Summer is the best time of year, and the beach is the best place to be. You don’t need to be an expert to do the math. Summer plus beach equals a great time. Whether you’re sunbathing, swimming, or just having a drink, it’s about time you hit the beach this summer, trust us. 

Go Camping

If the beach isn’t for you, there are still other ways to enjoy this beautiful weather with a little more privacy. Camping is an excellent opportunity to bond with your family and friends, as well as get away from technology. It can be overwhelming at times living every day with all of these screens and computers. Get back to some classic bonding at your local campsite. 

See a Minor League Game

Minor league games are a great way to have some fun with loved ones. Often these games are very cheap to attend and a great time. The best part about minor league games isn’t just the cheap tickets. These games are often very family-friendly, making them a great place to go with your kids. Additionally, there’s often a chance of winning a prize or giveaway!

Visit a Farmers Market

If you’re looking for a great atmosphere and better food, then a farmers' market could be perfect for you. Farmers' markets rarely happen during seasons other than summer. So jump on this opportunity for some great organic food and head to your local farmers’ market. Even better, farmers' markets often have music or other types of live entertainment, not just food. 


Hopefully, these ideas have given you the extra push you need to get outside and enjoy your summer. From going to the beach to a farmers market, there are endless ways to enjoy your summer. Be sure to get outside this summer and enjoy the beautiful weather with your loved ones!

About the Author

Jenn Walker is a freelance writer, blogger, dog-enthusiast, and avid beachgoer operating out of Southern New Jersey.

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