Spring Fun for Kids with Pat Pat

 *Disclaimer - I received the products in this post from Pat Pat, in order to facilitate this review.

Are you looking for some stylish springtime clothes for your kids?

When it comes to spring outfits, my kids love getting new clothes and showing them off to their friends at times. This first outfit is dresses for my younger two kids and a shirt for my son, as they all match for 4th of July! 

She wanted to get a picture by herself to show her dress for this post. She loves the colors with this one. I think this dress will probably fit her for a good while yet, which is good.

Here he is by himself with the new red, white, and blue shirt he got to match sisters. He also got these new pants with it, and he will be wearing them to school as most parents know, you can never truly have too many clothes especially pants with younger kids. 

I had gotten a dress to match my girls, but it does not fit me very well in the design so I am having my sister in law have it and I will update with the picture once she has it. These dresses are absolutely ADORABLE for kids, and will be a huge hit I'm sure. They love to match and these are their favorite dresses that they got from Pat Pat, to review.

The next dress that the girls got is too cute and is just really pretty as it's sunflowers! My older daughter in the picture wore hers to school so far and she said her friends told her they love her dress, so she was happy. They just love to match and the two dresses that they got here are adorable! 

My younger daughter got some shoes with this collaboration as well, and they'll take a little getting use to for them, but she loves them so far and wears them when we go to the park during the week. She is currently in size toddler 6 shoes so that is what I got for her, and they fit good on her. 

My younger son got some swimming trunks and my husband got a pair to match, as well as a new shirt for both of them too. This is my son with both on and he loves them and the colors too. 

My son also got a bright blue shirt and shorts to match it as part of this fun collaboration. I think these are his favorites as he has worn them a good bit since he received them. I just love the design of this shirt and the splash effect that it gives off. It's a great and bright color for spring time.

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