Turning Red Available on Digital Today

*Disclaimer - This post is my review of Disney's Turning Red, and the opinions in this post are mine and my teenage daughter's.

Are you excited about Turning Red coming to digital today?

My daughter and I have watched Turning Red many times now since it came to Disney Plus and we both absolutely love it! My daughter is thirteen, so this was the perfect movie for her as she is growing up and becoming a young woman.

The girl in the movie who is the main character who turns into the red panda's name is Mei, and she is your normal, average teenage girl except for one thing - whenever she gets too excited, she turns into a giant red panda! Scary right? But, once she has this happen around her friends, they grow to love the panda inside of Mei that she wants to get rid of. Sometimes though after awhile, she likes the panda and doesn't try to hide it. 

This is a great coming of age movie for tweens and teens alike, to watch on their own or with their mom! My daughter and I both love Turning Red and she was excited when she found out that we get the digital code to keep too. She loves watching this movie with some of her good friends, as well as on her own sometimes.

Mei's mom in the movie was extremely overprotective in almost every aspect of her non existent social life of being a TEEN and letting her have fun; she had to basically sneak to be able to go to a concert which ended up being both a disaster and a good thing at the end! 

I know there are likely other teenage girls in the world who can relate to Mei and how protective her mom is of so many things, but in her case it was because she knew she had the panda in her. This is also a great/fun movie for all kids to enjoy. My five year old also loves this movie. 

Enjoy the official trailer in case you haven't seen the movie yet.

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