Try the Springtime Sips Drinks from Applebees

 My sister in law and I have gone to Applebees twice or so now since they came out with the Springtime Sips drinks, which are FABULOUS and only $5!

Whenever I have gift cards to use or we can, I love to be able to get to Applebees to try their new seasonal drinks that I always get frozen. This time, when we went back in late March the flavors are known as Springtime Sips and are just $5 each for the mucho glass of it! So so good.

You have two choices for these drinks; one is the Breezy Bahama Mama which is what we have gotten and I give it 10 stars, because it's delicious and fruity and a wonderful coconut taste to it too! My sister in law gets it without the coconut in it and loves it too. The other flavor is the Rock & Berry Rita, but we have not tried that one as of yet to know how it is.

Last week when we went, I got two of the Bahama Mamas, instead of getting a different drink just because they were just $5 each, and of course I got the Wisconsin Cheesy Bites with sauce they have, as an appetizer.

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