Tie Dye Shirts for Kids

 *Disclaimer - I received the product in this post from the Etsy shop Cranky Girl Tie Dye, in order to facilitate this review. 

Are you looking for the perfect tie dye shirt for kids?

When it comes to shirts, my five year old never has enough it seems like as she has a lot! She absolutely loved this tie dye shirt that I found on an Etsy shop, so she was excited when she found out she was getting it to review. You can get this shirt for just $16.15 on their Etsy shop.

I always wash the tie dye shirts we make or buy on cold alone before they wear them, and did the same for this shirt. It washed and dried perfectly fine and she loves it and says it is soft and comfortable. It's one of her favorite new shirts, so I'd call that a win in my book!

She's had a few people this weekend ask where we got her tie dye shirt and I sent them the shop's link. The shop has lots of shirts to choose from and are very nice quality and pretty colors too. This size she got is the 5T which is the size she is currently in for shirts and it fits great and seems to have some growing room to it as well, which is nice.

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